Altar Servers

Coordinator: A. J. Fredette

Altar Servers minister to God's Altar with reverence, dignity and love.



Arts and Environment           Altar at Christmas

Coordinator:  Pat Bismack 

Keeps the Church and Chapel in flowers, greenery and liturgical decorations according to the Liturgical  Seasons of the Catholic Church.



I. C. Ladies' Guild 

For more information please contact: Veronica Stepanek   

An organization of Catholic women who are involved in social, economic and environmental issues affecting our Church and today's world.



Safe Environment/SET

Coordinator:  Kit Johansen   

Call to protect was established by the Diocese of Phoenix to insure a safe environment for all our children.



CDA - Charity and Development Appeal 

Coordinator:  Linda Lee Chambon-Gay

All Parishioners are encouraged to participate in the yearly Diocesan Appeal to meet the charitable needs of our Diocese.


ESL - English as a Second Language

Coordinator:  Karen Shaffer and Sr. Bernadette

Provided for all who wish to learn English.



Environmental Services

Coordinator:  Frank Hoene and Mario Merino

Maintains the cleanliness of the Church interior and all ancillary rooms contained within the building.



Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion

Coordinator: Ruthanne Plas

A response to your Baptismal call to serve God's people by assisting the Priest in distribution of the Precious Body and Blood at Mass.



Fatima Rosary

Coordinators: Nick Lucero

Sharing the love of Our Blessed Mother through the recitation of the Rosary as requested at Fatima.


Finance Council                        2016 Finance Council

Chairperson: Mark Carlile   Members: Naomi McKeever, Rita Poindexter, Kathy Vize and Frank Vocca

An advisory and consultative body to the Pastor relating to budgeting, income and expenses and all projects related to maintaining a positive financial picture.



Coordinator:   Barbara Wade

Greet Parishioners and Visitors with a smile and a warm welcome as they enter and exit each Mass.


Healing Prayer Ministry

Coordinator:  Pat Dreschler

First weekend of each month special prayers after all masses for you and your loved ones for physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


 Holy Presents Gift Shop

Holy Presents Gift Shop

Coordinator:  Alma Nachard

Provides attractive Catholic gifts and literature for the shopping pleasure of our Parishioners and visitors.

 Email the Gift Shop [email protected]



Coordinator:  Eileen Scott

Prayers and cards for those in difficult times.



Coordinators:  Lu Stitt

Provides a social opportunity for Parishioners to gather in order to get to know one another in a social setting following the Sunday Masses.


Intentional Discipleship

Coordinators:  Judy Miller and Kathy Reif         [email protected]

Encourage participation in small faith-sharing groups and activities that invite us to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit; intentionally seek out Jesus in fellowship, prayer, scripture and sacraments; and become a disciple in His likeness.


Jail Ministry

Coordinator:  Deacon Dave Kaminsky

To provide spiritual support and guidance to those who have been incarcerated and also to offer post-release services.



Knights of ColumbusKnights of Columbus

Main focus is charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism by example making our presence visible in the Parish and throughout the community as part of Catholic evangelization.

Grand Knight:  Mike Shaffer    Phone:  760-241-8963
Web Site:  


Landscaping/Grounds Maintenance

Coordinators:  Larry Haasch and Joe Estrada

Maintains and creates a beautiful outdoor space that is peaceful and tranquil through the use of trees and plants.



Coordinator:  Ruthanne Plas

Lectors bring the power of the Word of God and love of scriptures to others.


Martha's Circle

Coordinators:  Lynda Kuglitsch and Martha Cisneros

Provides comfort to mourning families by providing refreshments on Church property for family and friends following a funeral.



Matthew's Minions (Collection Counters)

Coordinator:  Betts Nelson

Accurately counts and deposits all monies collected in weekly and special accounts as specified by the donors.



Ministry to the Sick - Shepherds of Compassion Visiting the Sick

Coordinator:  Barbara Knowles

Establishes and provides a supportive and caring connection from the Parishioners who are absent due to illness.



Music Ministry

Music Director:  Terrie Backes

Brings together talented voices of all ages who enjoy singing traditional hymns and other sacred music for our Parish worship and other services.



Office Volunteers                  Office Staff and Volunteers

Coordinator:  Dora Pedrego

Assists the Secretary in maintaining a friendly, welcoming and calming working environment.



Pastoral Council Team

September 2021 - June 2022

Chairperson:  Russell Moker  

Council Team Members:  Father David Kelash (Pastor),   Russell Moker, Karen Pfeifer, Emil Yatsko, Elma Watson, Lisa Lehman,  Kathy Reif, and Krista Cowgill. (Deacon Jim Hoy--Liason with Finance Council and Pastoral Council)

An advisory and consultative body working in harmony with the Pastor and representing all members of the Parish community.


Praise and Prayer Ministry

Coordinator: Martha Cisneros

Ministers pray daily at home for the needs of all.




Sacristans/Altar Society

Coordinators: Gordon Champagne and Teresa DiSisto  (Altar Linens) 

Serves the Liturgical needs of the Parish and Mass and also washing, pressing and folding of Altar Linens used daily at Mass.


School Volunteers

Principal:  Antonio Hernandez

   Admin. Assistant:  Kris Ange/ Volunteers 

Facilitates the intellectual, social and spiritual development of each child.


St. Vincent de Paul Society     Clothe the Naked

Coordinator:  Scott Watson

SVdP is a spiritually based organization to assist the needy of the community.



Seminarian "Angels"

Coordinator:  Linda Lee Chambon-Gay

 "Adopt" a seminarian from the Diocese and support him with prayers, letters, cards, small gifts, etc. during his studies away from home.


Seven Sisters Apostolate

Coordinator:  Pam Malmgren  

Immaculate Conception's Seven Sisters Apostolate is a group of women that was stareted in June 2020 who are willing to commit to pray a Holy Hour for our Pastor and his intentions for one day a week for a year. 



Coordinator:  Ray Freudinger

Create a welcoming atmosphere for Parishioners and visitors in a kind and courteous manner.


Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinator:  Barbara Wade

The Parish thrives because of the many Volunteers. Use your gifts to help us grow and continue to serve others.



Young at Heart

Coordinator: Marian Wilson

Provides opportunities for single Parishioners 50 and older to meet and socialize on a regular basis.


Youth Group

Coordinator:  Vacant

Meets every Wednesday at Cupertino School at 2715 89A in Cottonwood from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Ages 12 to 18.